Friday Five

April 18, 2014 at 9:40 am (My 2 cents on nothing important, My life, and how I live it, Recent Obsessions, Sharing is Caring) (, , , , , , , , , )


1. We reached a HUGE milestone in our financial goals this week, and my husband and I are looking for ways to celebrate! A trip to Napa? Visiting the Redwoods? Big Sur? So many possibilities and uncharted territory (for us) in Northern California!

2. Check out these yummy Easter cocktails over at Brit + Co. I want to try every one!

3. People from Uzbekistan read my blog! Hi, people from Uzbekistan! Question for people from Uzbekistan: where is Uzbekistan?

4. I just finished a marathon of Chicago PD and it’s awesome. Gang wars! Serial rapists! Kidnappings! Drug lords! Then I overhear a local cop ticketing someone for jaywalking outside my window. I guess it’s good that I live in a safe area?

5. Added a ton of stuff to my wish list from Zara, like this flowy heart print dress, this neutral mini city bag, the gorgeous color of this sea green shift, and these bold statement earrings.

Have a great weekend!


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