North of the Golden Gate Bridge > South of the Golden Gate Bridge

August 26, 2013 at 12:56 am (Discovering myself by discovering the world, My life, and how I live it) (, , , , , , , , )

Today, we headed north of the Golden Gate Bridge and finally saw a little of why people rave about the Bay Area. It was an exceptionally gloomy day in my neck of the woods, and the second we started driving (and hitting traffic), I started feeling the resentment creep in. Ugh. Screw this weather.

But surprisingly, the water in the bay was REALLY blue, dotted with little white sailboats, lush, green hills and islands weaving in and out of the backdrop. And about three minutes after crossing the bridge, the skies cleared up and OMG, it turned into fantastic, giddy-worthy weather. Today was the first day since moving to San Francisco (it’s AUGUST!) that I wanted an iced coffee instead of curling up in a heavy sweater with a mocha.

My husband took us to Hawk Hill, and the views were breathtaking. At one point, the fog covering the city was so thick that only the tallest skyscrapers were visible, peeking over the fog like a city in the clouds.

Today was a special day, not because I spent an afternoon in the sun, or because we saw some amazing views. It’s a special day because for the first time since moving here…I see some promise. And a teeny tiny spark of…hmmm…maybe I will like it here.








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