Steve Jobs the Great

October 6, 2011 at 1:36 am (Life happens whether you like it or not, My 2 cents on nothing important, Thoughts) (, , , )


I’m typing this blog post on my iPhone…something I was never able to do previously on my BlackBerry or un-smart phones.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for the following, amongst others:

1. Getting rid of my fear of being lost, I can always count on my trusty iPhone GPS.

2. Allowing me to access Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and numerous other accounts in a speedy fashion, always on top of what is going on with friends and family.

3. Allowing me to take photos and videos that are higher in quality that even my digital camera can allow.

4. For high speed Internet access at the tip of my fingers, whenever, wherever, especially a lifesaver at work where Internet is blocked on our PCs, or on long road trips where I’m bored out of my mind.

And especially 5. For the quote above. Even in his passing, he continues to inspire and move us…his legacy will live on.

RIP. You have changed my life.


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