Bella Pilar

May 20, 2011 at 6:16 pm (Recent Obsessions) (, , , )

I am absolutely obsessed with Bella Pilar products…I almost always buy birthday cards, thank you cards, what have you, that have her art on them, cause they are so girly and fun…

I am in love with this display at Papyrus…the artwork, without the frames, come at around $125 each says the sales associates. The compromise of letting The Honey have a Man Cave, is that I get to have a Purple Room, and these are what will be decorating the walls.




  1. sierralei said,

    love bella! have you seen her 4 limited edition/signed/numbered cards for the holidays 2011? $18.95 a piece. they’re gorgeous! i love that feature table display! i work at papyrus and i get to see all the new stuff she comes out with! her holiday bag for 2011 is gorgeous and her christmas card is sassy and SOLD OUT! i’m so upset i didn’t get one!

    • rosesandwaterfalls said,

      I’m jealous you work at Papyrus! I went in today to buy her box set Christmas card and it’s all sold out! So sad 😦

    • rosesandwaterfalls said,

      Where can I see these limited edition holiday cards?

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