Princess at Kasteel ten Berghe

April 17, 2011 at 9:52 pm (Discovering myself by discovering the world, Recent Obsessions, Sharing is Caring) (, , , , , , , , )


While in Bruges last month (has it already been a month?), The Honey booked us a room in a real-life castle.  

The conversation went something like this:

The Honey: Would you rather stay at a hotel or a castle?

Me: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Kasteel ten Berghe is located a little outside of Bruges, and when our cab turned off the main street onto a tiny gravel road and the castle, surrounded by a moat, peaked out from behind a row of trees, I gasped…and gasped and gasped. For 2 nights, I was going to pretend I’m a princess and nobody was gonna stop me.

When booking online, we had indicated that we would be arriving hours before the check-in time due to flight and train schedules, but we weren’t sure if anyone would actually see the notes on the other end of “online.” When we arrived, however, the caretaker, Luc, was not only expecting us, but was busy preparing 2 bikes for us to borrow as our means to get into town.

The castle is magnificent, transporting me back to the Middle Ages with the antique furniture, painted oil portraits lining the halls, great marble staircase, wood carvings gilded in gold, charming chapel, and chandeliers galore! Maybe even a friendly ghost or two? (KIDDING…nothing went bump in the night.) 

You’d think that such an old structure would be creaking and cracking, but it had surprisingly modern amenities. The beds were extremely comfortable, the bathroom clean and new (The Honey took a bath in the tub!), and they even had wireless internet! The whole castle was run on an honor system cause the beverage room, stocked with sodas, beer and wine, was open and free for guests to come and go, leaving us to report at our own will how much we consumed.

Luc catered to our every need, from adjusting the seat on my bike so my feet could touch the ground, to providing us with American electrical outlet converters. And the breakfast! Cold cuts and cheeses and fresh bread and fresh juices and soft-boiled eggs and yogurts and chocolate chocolate chocolate.

If you’re planning a trip to Bruge, please stay there, and experience for yourself, even for one night, what being “royalty”  with all the perks and none of the stuffy traditions, must feel like.

PS…pictures don’t do this place justice.


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