April 17, 2011 at 5:58 pm (Domesticated Diva in Training, Thoughts) ()

Here’s how I spent my Saturday yesterday.

8:00am: Woke up and tried unsuccessfully to wake The Honey.

8:20am: Tried waking The Honey again or “We’re gonna be late!”

9:15am: Made it outta the apartment and traveled to Edgar Allen Poe Park in the Bronx for an oral cancer awareness walk. We’re not talking about Yankee Stadium Bronx, which is the most north I’ve ever been in New York City, but waaaaay up there Bronx, where the guy next to me on the subway had an ugly, this-was-not-stitched-up-in-a hospital scar running from his ear to his lip.

12:00pm: Finished walk and on our way back downtown, comtemplated an impromptu Yankees game for about 5 seconds before it was vetoed in favor of napping.

4:00pm: Alarm clock went off, stirring us from our nap. Returned to nap.

7:30pm: Woke up FINALLY, fiddled around on my phone in bed, and started watching a Lifetime movie. The Honey woke up shortly after and started watching the Lifetime movie with me!

10:00pm: Movie ended so I got out of bed to clean.

11:00pm: Fiddled around on computer til about 3am when I started watching ANOTHER Lifetime movie before falling asleep at 5am.

Funny how a few short years and a serious relationship with a non-partyboy changes your life. I remember as I was taking out the trash sometime around 10pm, I thought to myself, at this hour 2 or 3 years ago, I would either be contemplating whether I wanted to go out, convincing girlfriends to go out, or being convinced by girlfriends to go out. And no matter which one of those it was, around midnight, I’d find myself going out.

The Honey kept apologizing last night about how “boring” my life has become. Has it become a little less eventful? Yes. Has it become a little more home-bodyish? Yes. But has it also become more warm, cozy, loving, meaningful, and content? Definitely.

I’m not bored at all. Though a majority of this Saturday was about Lifetime movies and napping, I was happy, and you know what? I woke up Sunday morning with no regrets. Not a single one.



  1. Jennifer said,

    What’s better than watching movies?

    Choose Happiness & Success!

    • rosesandwaterfalls said,

      Agreed…especially in bed 🙂

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