Carrie Bradshaw when she was just “Bradley”

July 24, 2010 at 12:45 pm (Currently reading...) (, , , , )

I just finished reading this because as a loyal Sex and the City fan, I just had to know who Carrie was before Sex and the City. But really, I was bored with the teenage adolescence within the first few chapters, could barely keep up with all the whiney characters, and was reminded why I can’t stand books like Twilight (don’t crucify me, girls…teen angst just isn’t my thing). I guess guys were really not a priority for me in high school, so I find it difficult to relate to these young girls pining over, and being pressured to give up their virginities to guys that will eventually turn out to be nothings of the world.

But I pushed through it, just to say that I read it, and let me tell you, I’m sorta glad I did. The last few paragraphs I think, are definitely the best. This said, don’t jump ahead! It’ll ruin it for you.


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