‘Twas a Great Adventure

July 20, 2010 at 12:50 am (Discovering myself by discovering the world) (, , , , , , , , )

I was here yesterday with a bunch of friends!!!

(Photo taken from the Sky Ride)

Great American Scream Machine: x2 (It was the last day before this ride got torn down. Scream Machine no more.)
Superman Ultimate Flight: x1 (I found this ride mild, but it hurt my chest.)
Kingda Ka: x2 (One of my favorites…unbelieveble speed and height, a full 20 seconds of fright.)
El Toro: x2 (My FAVORITE!! You gotta let go and trust the seat belts will hold you in. Even when your butt lifts off the seat, continue trusting it. TRUST ME.)
Bizarro: x1 (That just happened.)
Saw Mill Log Flume: x1 (Great way to cool down. It was scorching hot yesterday.)
Sky Ride: x1 (Amazing views overlooking the park.)
Batman the Ride: x1 (Was very thrilling dizzying.)
Congo Rapids: x2 (Eh…)

And that brings us to NITRO!!! A grand total of 4 times!! I would say this roller coaster climbs the most slow, and probably the most high aside from Kingda Ka. The suspension killed me and once finally at the top, you can see about a mile away, parts of the same track peaking out from the trees (also views of the Philly skyline on a clear night). A frickin’ long (worthy) ride.

My advice. Get the Flash Pass, skip the line, and go on your favorites as many times as you can handle. I’m back in the safety of my apartment, but I’m sure my guts are tangled somewhere on the Nitro.

This is the Kingda Ka, world’s tallest roller coaster at 139 meters.

And this is Nitro.

(Photos via Google Image)


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