Good job, BP.

July 12, 2010 at 1:49 am (My 2 cents on nothing important) (, , , , )

Recently saw this stat at the Guiness Book of World Records Museum during our Niagara Falls trip.

Looks like Guiness Book needs some updating…

According to Reuters, U.S. government estimated that BP Plc’s blown-out Gulf of Mexico well is gushing up to 40,000 barrels (1.7 million gallons/ 6.4 million liters) per day into the ocean.

And that, my friends, is eight times as much oil as the amount spilled when the Exxon Valdez tanker plowed into a reef in Prince William Sound in Alaska in 1989, spilling 257,000 barrels. BP’s well spews the equivalent to one Exxon Valdez tanker every 6.4 days.

Congrats on breaking the world record?



  1. jammer5 said,

    Can they also get into the Guiness record books by telling the most BS on TV by a BP CEO, CFO or COO?

  2. Vincent said,

    This is all so senseless when hydrogen can easily be extracted from water which can be used as a fuel with little or no emission

    • greg said,

      Yes “hydrogen can easily be extracted from water”. But to extract it you need electricity. And it takes more electricity to extract it than is produced from the extraction. So there may be “little or no emission” From the USE of H. but there is from the Production.

      • natinanorton said,

        Apparently the safety of domestic natural gas drilling is also in question. According to a new documentary, Gasland (, there have been reports all over the country of residents being able to light their drinking water on fire.

        Too many secrets, lies and contamination going on in the world beyond the BP disaster.


      • Sagar Yadav said,

        The process of hydrogen extraction can be easily achieved with bacteria or algae and Hydrogen is a clean source of energy. No electricity required, only generated.

  3. Karen said,

    This is just horror. I think the media need to publicize this waaaaaaay more!!

    And the Exxon one just happened on one day?? BP’s is happening EVERYDAY!
    Ahh, this just makes me so angry, and sad.

    Where is our world heading??

    • Steve Martin - theThinkShack said,

      The media needs to help publicize SOLUTIONS.

      We don’t need any more hype. Everyone is aware of the spill, BP admits it’s their fault. More hype doesn’t FIX anything. We need to work on finding better ways of cleaning up the water, beaches, etc.

      My career has been about lean and lean thinking. We need folks to focus on SOLUTIONS before more damage is done.

      • GodsGadfly said,

        As much as I hate to give any credit to Clinton, he was a far better president than this blowhard, just as Bush, Sr. was a far better president than his blowhard son.

        There are methods that would have been available to the Obama Administration, devised under the Clinton Administration, to have stopped the leak in its first few days. Obama, however, chose to say it was BP’s responsibility and use this as an advantage to gripe about oil and “big business.”

    • lawyergal said,

      I live in Cleveland, Ohio. All I hear about is Lebron James…isn’t it sad that he gets more attention than this horrible mess?

  4. greengeekgirl said,

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    And congrats to BP?

    I think it’s a plot–make the gulf unlivable so they can drill as much as they want. :\

  5. Steve Martin - theThinkShack said,

    It will be interesting to follow the ‘fallout’ resulting from this disaster. I’m curious to see how much effort companies will undergo in reflecting on their own business cultures to determine their own potential risks for something like this.

    I write about lean, lean thinking, and lean manufacturing. I’m also curious to see if BP will try using any lean solutions to get out from under the mess.

    We could sure use some lean solutions in cleaning up the dirty beaches.

    • jammer5 said,

      Having been a part of lean manufacturing (six sigma, Kaizan, etc.), I unfortunately, don’t see a lean clean up process. I expect fallout from this to be with us for a decade at least. Nature does rebound quickly in most cases, but with oil still present in the sound, history says something different here.

      Had the oil companies actually done some research and development on oil spill containment, instead of using the profit motive as the bottom line, then a leaner solution might be forthcoming. But they didn’t and it ain’t.

  6. nuninka said,

    It’s very bad.

  7. lissaandpeewee said,

    Unfortunately horrific mistakes happen to everyone at some time, its what you do about it that determines the final outcome. Hopefully we will all learn to use alternative greener fuels. And most of all I pray that BP stands by and does all of the right things.

    • Steve Martin - theThinkShack said,

      I could not agree more!
      Mistakes happen…this was a big one. Time to move on to SOLUTIONS.

      With that said…BP needs to be held accountable. I think they will be. As I mentioned earlier, it will be interesting to see what CULTURE changes happen as a result. People have not forgotten the Exxon Valdez spill from ’89.

      Imagine how long it might take for this one to ‘go away’. Will it go away?

  8. necromonga said,

    Congrats BP…
    you have broken a record… a very sad one though.
    I hope they don’t mess up things even more. They’ve been trying for months to solve this big mess, still no solution. How could they drill for oil, without any worst-case solution or safety-measures that things like that couldn’t happen or wouldn’t f*** up the environment… I hope this changes politics and their view on renewable and alternative Energies.

  9. Adam Day said,

    Horrible. Sad. Pathetic. Something needs to be done and fast. All of the great minds in the world and we are still dealing with this. Com on.
    I have some similar posts on this subject as well.

    Check Us Out! A Little Place For Some Internet Traffic Road Rage!
    Road Rage with A & A

  10. dennisfinocchiaro said,

    That’s awful. Great post! I created a little something about BP too if you’d like to see

  11. thecodger said,

    I can only imagine what those prices would be when adjusted for inflation and the cost of living. BP has a long way to go to get back in my good graces.

    The Codger

  12. Goodie Girl said,

    So heartbreaking every minute this is going on. We were already in an economic meltdown and destruction to our environment and now this! I hope people really start opening their eyes and start caring more about our environment and rebuild!

  13. kalyan1111 said,

    This is the worst man made disaster in the history of the human race and it is not only going to affect the whole worl but the levels of oxygen that will be available. The greed of Oil companies.

  14. Sam said,

    yup, the disaster have happened. experts should find some solution though. otherwise none of us can continue living on this poor planet.

  15. Phillip said,

    Wow those numbers are staggering. Every 6-7 days?

  16. greg said,

    The Valdez was a tanker. That means it only had a finite amount of oil in it. The oil well is a, well, It’s a well. That means it has a much larger amount of oil in it. And It is under a mile of water. That is an enormous amount of “head Pressure bearing down and forcing the oil out. If this well had been on land, it would have been capped a long time ago. Thanks enviros.

    • J Michels said,

      Are you seriously blaming environmentalists for this disaster? Why not hold the people who allowed this idiocy to happen accountable? Our government gave them a categorical exemption, just like they do for others doing deep off-shore drilling. Environmentalists surely had no part in the shoddy work performed by Haliburton or TransOcean. This is corporate greed at its worst–and, just like Ford discovered with the Pinto, it costs a hell of a lot more to clean up your mess and your image than it does to actually do things right the first time.

      But that’s not to say environmentalists are never counterproductive–just look at E85, which is arguably responsible for spilling more toxic waste into the Gulf than BP when you consider how much fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides flow in from the Mississippi. (before it got turned red, it was already getting turned green..)

      Many factors are different between E85 production and BP’s spewing well, but there are couple of key similarities: a corporate culture which is still narrow-minded enough to think “the bottom line” is all that matters; and a government so far in bed with these corporate interests that these types of abuses can easily become commonplace.

      There is a long-term solution to these problems, it is called TRANSPARENCY–something our President has talked about many times, but failed to actually work towards in any substantial form.

      By the way, you may want to re-check the numbers: I read a couple of months ago, before they cut the kinked portion of the well off, that an engineering professor who’d written a book on flow measurement calculated the rate to be roughly 70,000 barrels a day–back when BP and the government were still claiming it was only 5,000 barrels…

      • greg said,

        Are seriously saying that oil companies take their wells so far offshore and so deep to save money? Since all they are worried about is their bottom line? They are forced out there because of government being in bed with the enviros. When you talk about corporate greed, please do not deny the fact of Government Greed and Non Profit Greed. Remember that a salary is not considered profit.

        And don’t think that environmental orgs aren’t chasing a bottom line too. They use their 501c status to avoid paying taxes. Then they hire grant writers to get the free gov’t. cheese and then show pictures of oil soaked birds and endangered snail darters to elicit sympathy from tree huggers. This oil spill is a gold mine to these groups. I’m sure that donations are thru the roof.

        I’m not saying that large corporations don’t cut corners. They do. But they have to in order to keep in compliance to increasing regulations that are largely written by people that have never held a real Job. Let alone run a company or had to make a payroll. The gov’t and enviros have done more to stand in the way of this cleanup than they have done to help. Just listen to Gov Bobby Jindal for about 5 minutes.

        So, No. I am not blaming this disaster on Enviros. But without their interference, this mess would have been a lot less of a disaster. No more than a blip on the newsfeed that would have been forgotten about by now.

  17. stefano said,

    i invite everybody on my site,, to leave a comment about the disaster.


  18. 4contradictionswalking said,

    yeah….good job to everyone involved. UPDATE THAT AWARD NOW…. i hate seeing these pictures, even if this is from the Exxon oil spill it kills me. these poor animals that have had nothing to do with our (the human races’) carelessness.

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    […] over the Guinness World Cup from Exxon Valdez for “worst enviro disaster”. Credit to rosesandwaterfalls – a blog about a young woman’s search “for her place, her heart, and ultimately, […]

  20. alexinspires said,

    This disaster is worsening day by day! These innocent animals have to face so much of it.

  21. courbebleue said,

    « …Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got Till it’s gone »

    Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi, Ladies of the Canyon, 1970

  22. Robert Bain said,

    It isn’t over yet – they may have to hold off before publishing the details off the new record. Sad stuff!

  23. Joe said,

    The government are using it to push environmental taxation. The media aren’t being ALLOWED to report on the true scale of the damage being inflicted and the national guard are helping keep it all under wraps.

    BP need to be shamed in the media. The spend so much money on searching for oil and developing ways of extracting it but have barely spent a fraction of that amount on dealing with this disaster.

    There are many people with better solutions than this toxic Corexit crap that BP bought from companies they’re connected to. Microbes that eat oil and turn it into inert material etc.

    I can’t even begin to express how angry I am at BP for how they’ve handled this. It just shows how the drive for profit is the reason for almost all the problems in the world.

    Down with the cash-based economy! Lets go back to LOGIC!

  24. Lisa said,

    It makes me want to cry. All that wildlife, water, trees, fish and people will be effected for years!

  25. duckyinfo said,

    The saddest part is that the total devastation won’t be known for years, because it will be effecting the area of years to come. This fall the Gulf will be inundated with migratory birds from the north. There will be even more damage caused when those birds don’t find safe habitat.

  26. livewriter2000 said,

    It’s sad. Everyday when my daughter and I drive by a BP she says I hate you BP!

  27. lifestyleliving said,

    This is so sad! Perhaps this is a wake-up call for everyone. This is such an Inconvenient Truth as well.

  28. Amy Chait said,

    This also doesn’t include Ixtoc I leak in 1979

    or have we ever heard how oil spill affect those in Nigeria?

  29. milliondollardanny said,

    The BP oil spill is definitely a huge crisis that I feel has sort of died down in terms of public awareness. The sad thing is, we may not be feeling the full effects now but I guarantee you we’ll all be getting hit hard with repercussions in the upcoming years.

  30. leroydragon said, PLease watch and listen to my song about the oil 🙂

  31. greenstar said,

  32. shantara said,

    It does seem as though the media is intentionally downplaying this spill, maybe at the behest of the US government, who knows. The reporting of it is just so blah, blah.. Maybe because it seems so hopeless that many have given up hope that it will be stopped before the well runs out of oil. Will it ever run out of oil?
    Very, very sad.

  33. Evie Garone said,

    This IS awful! I just wish BP, The PREZ. & the Great minds out there would get it together before it is TOO late!! Accidents happen, the time for action is NOW! FIX the problem!! Don’t point blame….

  34. pholia said,

    I agree, there’s time for blame. The fingers will end up on each and every one of us, we all partake. It’s about a global focus to move forward, clean this up as much as we can and find a way to get off our oil addiction.

  35. TheIntentionalSage said,

    Let’s hope that this will be the last time that this “World Record” is ever broken. 🙂

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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    […] dejar un comentario » Recently saw this stat at the Guiness Book of World Records Museum during our Niagara Falls trip. Looks like Guiness Book needs some updating… According to Reuters, U.S. government estimated that BP Plc's blown-out Gulf of Mexico well is gushing up to 40,000 barrels (1.7 million gallons/ 6.4 million liters) per day into the ocean. And that, my friends, is eight times as much oil as the amount spilled when the Exxon Valdez tanker plowed into a r … Read More […]

  37. rosemos said,

    I hate BP. I hope they all will answer for that awful disaster

  38. Changing Culture « Jamie Lewis Hedges said,

    […] We could just assume that we humans are “maladapted,” if you will. Maybe we’re doomed to flood our waters with oil, damned to fire up our climate with carbon. Perhaps modern culture is pathological, and we’re the only species destined to take our biosphere down with us. I’ll admit that I’ve been tempted more often than not to adopt such a fatalistic position. “Good job, BP.” […]

  39. babytyche08 said,

    Thats one record I don’t want to break. And I hope that whoever is concern for such destruction has been punished.

  40. fightforthewrite said,

    it really is a sad state of affairs.

  41. fightforthewrite said,

    it really is a sad state of affairs.

  42. ychi said,

    I don’t know who to blame, but the entire thing is terrible. I just wrote about it: Good job making it on Freshly Pressed by the way.

  43. hairy girl bush said,

    You are so cool! I don’t believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before.
    So good to find someone with some original thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. thanks for starting this up. This site is one thing that is required on the web,
    someone with a little originality!

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