Anything in Paris would be nice…

June 24, 2010 at 1:32 pm (Currently reading...) (, , , , , )

I loved buying books…the glossy covers, the crisp, new pages, the fact that I will be the first to peruse it…that always gave me a weird high when I read. I especially loved ordering from Amazon and pull out book after new book from the boxes that would arrive at my door. But I was running out of space on my tiny bookshelf (ok, not so tiny anymore as BF bought me 2 HUGE floor to ceiling bookshelves) in my tiny NY apartment, and oftentimes, I find myself reading a few pages of a new book (yes, I judged books by the cover, as I judge most things), realizing it’s crap, and never end up finishing it. Therefore, I have plenty of books sitting there that has become an eye-sore.

Then I discovered the New York City Public Library! (What? We can reserve books online and just go pick it up at the nearest branch when ready?)  My strategy is to find books at bookstores that catch my eye…borrow them from the library, and if it really is a book I love, I’ll then buy it, add to my collection, and force feed it to all my friends.

Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, With Recipes by Elizabeth Bard is one of these books.

A memoir, reads like a blog, and is full of seemingly easy recipes of dishes that take center stage in many of her stories. Nevermind that it takes place in Paris (my favorite city to date) and goes in extreme detail of the sights (gardens in back streets of Paris), sounds (bustling market place) and even smells (fishy?) she encounters. Plus…it’s a love story. Sigh…

Love, food, Paris…everything a girl could want.

Check out Elizabeth Bard’s blog too!



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