Girl Date at WD-50

May 23, 2010 at 9:09 pm (Culinary Adventures) (, , )

A few months ago on my trip to DC, I met a friend of a friend who, after learning that I lived in New York, asked me whether I’ve ever been to WD-50, his favorite NY restaurant. I had not, though I’ve heard wonderful things about Chef Wylie Dufresne, who was recently on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

Well, when my friend E emailed me a list of places she’d like to try on our girl date, I immediately picked WD-50. Couldn’t wait to try his works of art!

First of all, it’s located on Clinton between Stanton and Rivington, an area I’ve always found very…diverse? Here’s this fancy, upscale restaurant, but right around the corner, there’s some hip hop dance off going on right on the sidewalk.(?!)

The decor is very minimal and modern (guess people really come here to focus on food) but as I am no foodie, I personally prefer cozier atmospheres. The upside is they have an open kitchen and you can see Wylie right in there amongst the sous chefs! And my…the food was indeed, interesting.

My appetizer: Smoked eel with thinly sliced black radish on top of crumbled spiced bread and campari. The jelly textured campari did not sit well with me, and I’m pretty open-minded to food, but the eel was amazing. Could have easily ordered it as an entree.

E’s appetizer: Tomatillo pine gazpacho with soybean falafel, and as E is vegan, the kitchen graciously adjusted the dish and served it without octopus confit. They even gave me an extra spoon in case I wanted to try it, which I did, and I think I’m gonna get that next time (with octopus!)

My entree: Duck breast with kimchee cous-cous, apple chunks, thinly sliced cheddar and shiitake chips. YUM!!! Now if only they would fill up the other half of my bowl too 🙂

E’s entree: Parsnip tart, quinoa, hazelnuts, bok choy. You’d think that without meat, it wouldn’t be filling enough, but E was having a hard time finishing towards the end. Apparently, that dish was more than enough!

Also, since I wasn’t drinking, the bartender made me a virgin cocktail of lychee juice, rose water, and raspberry puree…I think I actually like non-alcoholic juicy drinks better?!?

Cannot wait for the next girl date!


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