Something Borrowed…

May 8, 2010 at 8:05 pm (Currently reading...) (, , )

I’m only on page 88 of Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin but I already can’t put it down! Wowsa!

Usually, I like to switch off reading something heavy and something light, and after reading Blame by Michelle Huneven, a novel about accidentally running over and killing 2 people during a drunk driving incident and the 20 years of guilt to follow, I definitely needed something light.

My friend suggested Something Borrowed, but since I myself am not in the wedding mode yet and cannot relate to crazy bridezillas, I was reluctant to pick it up for awhile…but boy am I glad I did!

Heard it’s being made (been made?) into a movie, but I have tried to steer clear of finding out who was cast. I don’t want to put faces on these characters yet…I want to love and hate and judge all on my own accord.



  1. Emily and Her Little Pink Notes said,

    I liked Something Borrowed but I simply adored Something Blue , seriously Darcy is such a bad ass in this first book but Giffin is amazing and very good at showing “another side of the story”. Enjoy

    • rosesandwaterfalls said,

      I stayed up all night to finish the book! Am definitely putting Something Blue on my list of books to read. As self-centered, selfish, childish, and all other negative adjectives Darcy is, I actually like her more than I like Rachel…

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